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Meet our executive management team; financial, investment and business advisors; select clients and employees.

Executive Management Team

BlueShore - Chris Catliff
Chris Catliff
President & CEO
BlueShore - Fred Cook
Fred Cook
BlueShore - Marni Johnson
Marni Johnson
SVP, HR and Communications
BlueShore - Reg Marrinier
Reg Marrinier
SVP, Retail and Business Banking
BlueShore - Doug Smith
Doug Smith
SVP, Governance

Financial Advisors

BlueShore - Raphael Ambrozewicz
Raphael Ambrozewicz
BlueShore - Steven Batie
Steven Batie
BlueShore - John Cindric
John Cindric
BlueShore - Scott Evans
Scott Evans
BlueShore - Laura Hargrave
Laura Hargrave
BlueShore - Mona Heidari
Mona Heidari
BlueShore - Holly Hetherington
Holly Hetherington
BlueShore - Jeanette Jow
Jeanette Jow
BlueShore - David Lee
David Lee
BlueShore - Gregg Martin
Gregg Martin
BlueShore - Irene Narayan
Irene Narayan
BlueShore - Justin Prasad
Justin Prasad
BlueShore - Harpreet Saroya
Harpreet Saroya
BlueShore - Kristine Skinner
Kristine Skinner
BlueShore - Gary Suen
Gary Suen
BlueShore - Anne Wakelin
Anne Wakelin
BlueShore - Joyce Wong
Joyce Wong

Investment Advisors

BlueShore - Ben Eyton
Ben Eyton
BlueShore - Kelly Gares
Kelly Gares
BlueShore - Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell
BlueShore - Graham Priest
Graham Priest
BlueShore - Ilana Schonwetter
Ilana Schonwetter

Wealth Protection Specialist

BlueShore - Andre Guillemette
Andre Guillemette

Business Advisors

BlueShore - Rob Spicer
Rob Spicer


BlueShore - Jason and Tammy Jennings
Jason and Tammy Jennings
BlueShore - Kelly Hardman and Dane Mathiesen
Kelly Hardman and Dane Mathiesen


BlueShore - Kanwar Chawla
Kanwar Chawla
Financial Services Associate
BlueShore - James Randall
James Randall
Development Manager, IT
BlueShore - Ksenia Strigoun
Ksenia Strigoun
Financial Advisor

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